As one of the core areas, the Firm has extensive experience in the legal and technical matter of the marine industry including but not limited to bills of lading, charter parties, cargo claims, salvage, general average, collision, pollution, shipbuilding, and repair, sale and purchase, P&I and other maritime-related claims and disputes.


The Firm is a specialist in international trade and commodities and has a vast majority of experience in the international sale of goods, production issues and disruptions in the logistics chain, sales of crude and refined oils, LNG, coal, metals, bulks, and soft commodities, letter of credit issues, carriage disputes, insurance responsibilities, and coverage.


The Firm brings a wealth of experience and a commercial-minded approach to all types of commercial disputes. The initial aim is to bring commercial and practical solutions to complex matters. The Firm, however, is competent to achieve the best results for the Clients where litigation is necessary.


The Firm assists the Clients on all matters relating to the insurance, reinsurance, insurance activities of banks, and loan insurance industries. The Firm is qualified to handle complex and high-value claims which have an international element, frequently in shipping.


The Firm advises on the full range of key labour law issues, handling disputes both on behalf of employees and employers. Having a specialty in Maritime Law, the Firm is also dedicated to seafarers’ labour law disputes including wrongful terminations, occupational accidents, and fatal occupational accidents.


The Firm covers transactional work as M&A, as well as general corporate advisory work, including corporate governance and regulatory compliance. The Firm is also able to provide full corporate support to respective Clients if required. The initial aim is to produce pragmatic, clear, and fair contracts to cover the Clients’ base where necessary. Our motto is that a good commercial agreement encourages performance and discourages disputes.


The Firm serves Clients both local and foreign individuals and companies to establish Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Collective Companies, Partnerships Limited by Shares, and Cooperative Associations both in Turkey and abroad as per the demand of business.


The Firm assists prospective Clients desiring to obtain a residence permit, work permit, and Turkish Citizenship. Clients are advised and assisted on the circumstances and application process of the citizenship whether it is citizenship by the fixed capital, by property investment, by bank deposit, or by establishing a business from start to the very end.


The Firm represents Clients on all criminal law matters, from driving offenses to serious criminal allegations and complex fraud cases with caution in every stage of the proceedings, from the investigation to the prosecution.